Bill Green Out As Windthorst Head Coach

"I'm at a loss. I'm blindsided."

Long-time Windthorst head football coach Bill Green is still in shock.

The Windthorst ISD Board reassigned the coach Wednesday night, ending his 18-year tenure leading the Trojan program. Green says Windthorst superintendent Don Windham told him that mistreatment of players was the reason for the move.

Green led Windthorst to a 174-54 overall record and four state championship game appearances. The Trojans took home the trophy in 1996 and 2003.

Defensive coordinator Chris Tackett, a 15-year assistant under Green, will take over head coaching duties.

"I'm hurt, rejected is a better feeling," he said. "You feel like you give a little bit of yourself to the community."

A former Windthorst player says Green was a tough coach, adding that "you hated it when you were a player, but looking back, you became better because of it."

He says the town reaction has been split down the middle, with the older generation supporting the coach and the younger generation supporting the decision. He adds "it's [the reactions] all about the experiences they had with him [Green]."

No matter the side, it's a touchy subject in Windthorst. Newschannel 6 was greeted with a couple "no comment"s when asking about the decision.

Green says a "vocal minority" had a big impact on the decision.

"There's always a group of people that are going to listen to what people have to say," he said. "When you know that you haven't personally done anything to a person's child or themselves, I don't understand how people can make up their mind just on the say so of someone else."

Green also adds that the "he said/she said" mentality of social media helps blow things out of proportion.

Hurt by the decision, Green says he's more hurt by the timing. The Trojans have started their offseason programs with 7-on-7 league play, summer lifting and more, all in preparation for the 2012 season. The late timing also makes it a challenge for Green to search for a new job.

"This didn't need to go on," he said. "If they wanted me to be gone after our last football game in December, all they had to do was ask."

Newschannel 6 contacted Windthorst ISD by phone four times on Friday and received a busy signal all four times. There's been no reply to an e-mail as well.

As for the future, Green says he's planning on spending time with his family, including a trip to his hometown of Duncan, Okla.

And of course, Green has the desire to coach again. That could range from being an assistant to taking over a new program and starting from scratch.

"That desire to win and want to win championships, that's always there," he said.

He adds that Windthorst is still Windthorst, saying that he could see himself coming back to retire in the town.

"I still love it," he said.

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