Stocking The Shelves At Rainbow House

More than 15 vendors and Texoma residents stepped up to stock the shelves for Wichita Falls' Rainbow House on Saturday.

Even though Rainbow House shares a building with Patsy's House they are two different charities, working toward the same goal. While Patsy's House works  to counsel and advocate for children, The Rainbow House provides Children's Protective Services (CPS) case workers with physical necessities for everyday life.

Rainbow House Executive Director Terri Jackson said, "We provide 24 hour access for the CPS case workers to get to provide all of the needs for abused and neglected children. What we do here is provide everything from cars seats and beds and food and clothing and toys. Hygiene items, household cleaning products, anything that it takes for a child to live in a safe environment.

Jackson says getting donations has been hard the past few years. "The last couple of years have been slower because of the economy."

While they always strive to provide as much as they can, there's still empty space on the shelves. "What we are focusing on is our pantry is getting a little bit bare because we've had a huge need in with kids being out for the summer and it's only going to increase."

More than 15 vendors stepped up on Saturday to help out, hosting the first ever Ladies Day Out. Jackson said, "It's a ladies day out at the Courtyard by Marriott. They have all kinds of vendors out there that cater to women. To come out there you can make either a cash donation or bring a non perishable food item or one of those baby items we've listed that helps Rainbow House out."

The event brought in donations and raised money with a raffle. Vendors at this years binaural event were happy to help out.

"We wanted to come support The Rainbow House, it's for a good cause and there's lots of ladies out today. I think there's a definite need for the Rainbow House and to help children who are less fortunate."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6