Lake Kickapoo VFD: New Truck, New Home

The Lake Kickapoo Volunteer Fire Department has had a busy year. Six months ago they received a new brush truck and just a few days ago that truck now has a new place to call home. A new truck and a new building are really helping to breathe new life into the department.

The Lake Kickapoo VFD has been around since the 60s. When describing it firefighters would rarely use the word new, but now the three letter word pops up nearly every other conversation.

"We have had to have a new building built to house our new truck," said Firefighter Cheryl Heflin.

With a department of less than 10, firefighters felt they needed a new truck.

"Our truck is needed on area grass fires and on home fires," she said.

It also needed a place to rest up after use. The old building was too small so the department decided to follow through with a new one. It was paid for mostly through fundraiser's and donations.

Construction began a month ago and finished last week. While the building may not look like much it was $25,000. For a small department, that's one big chunk of cash.

"We are not a city and we do not have area taxes that helps us out," said Firefighter Heflin.

The department is still paying off a loan for the building and welcome any donations. Saturday's fish fry really contributed to the payoff. Nearly 300 people came out and donated $5,800.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.