Don't Fall Victim To A Father's Day Shopping Scam

As we look to celebrate this special day, it's important to know how to spend money wisely on the perfect gift for Dad. The Better Business Bureau recommends to always make sure to get information on refund, exchange and warranty in writing. Don't hesitate to ask if there is a return time limit, and get a gift receipt to enclose with your gift in case Dad needs to take it back.

BBB offers the following ideas and tips for Father's Day gifts:

Gift Cards and Certificates: Check the terms and conditions of any gift card or certificate prior to purchase to ensure that the expiration date and any other conditions won't be problematic.

Electronics: be sure that you don't remove it from its box before wrapping it up as a gift. Many stores require the original packaging in order to process returns or exchanges.

Recreational Rentals: be sure that you get a written contract that includes details such as the base rental cost, daily fees, insurance and time restrictions.

Guides, Tours and Classes: Fishing, sightseeing, skydiving and golf lessons are a fun way to celebrate. It's important to get details about these classes and adventures in writing and in advance of the trip.

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