United Way Partnership Saves Up to 75% On Medicine

WICHITA FALLS - The FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card just became easier than ever to get. Now, you can just text the word "family" to 700-700 and save as much as to 75% on the cost of your prescription medicine.

"It really is that easy," said Diana Phillips, President and CEO of the North Texas Area United Way.

"Your North Texas Area United Way provides free FamilyWize prescription discount cards for everyone in our area -- printed cards and, now, electronically as well," Phillips explained. "One out of every four people in our community has trouble paying for their medicine. United Way makes it possible for everyone to get the prescription drug discounts they need. Technology has made it possible for us to help a lot more people much more quickly."

When you get a free FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card sent to your cell phone, just show the text to your pharmacist. The pharmacy will automatically apply the discount to the cost of your medicine.

In 2011, the North Texas Area United Way and FamilyWize saved our community more than $49,700 on the cost of their prescription medicines, and more than $170,000 since the program began in 2008.