Downtown Connection: Henrietta Bringing Free WiFi

Henrietta is bringing free WiFi to its downtown square. City officials hope the new service attracts more residents to the downtown area and boosts the local economy.

Faster and better free WiFi service will soon be available for residents to use. Rick Langford, Henrietta's Economic Development Director, said, "We have numerous activities that go on in our downtown square, now everyone will have a wireless connection to the Internet."

Langford said the free WiFi is not costing the city any extra money, the WiFi is part of rental negotiations.

Bill Schenk, Owner of Reboot Computers, installed the Internet service in Henrietta. "Eventually we want to incorporate interactive maps." Schenk added, "It gives the vendors the ability to use credit cards cause now they will have an Internet connection."

Schenk said the WiFi will only be available in the downtown square and hopes the free Internet service will bring more people into local businesses.

Henrietta city officials said the free WiFi has already been installed, but residents will have full access in two weeks. Along with adding free WiFi, they are also working on improving the city's website. The city hopes to offer much more online for its residents.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6