Falls Upkeep Concerns

We are addressing your concerns about the upkeep of the Falls. A Newschannel 6 viewer asked us on facebook about what's being done to make sure the Falls stays clean and maintained.

Wichita Falls city officials said the Falls is sometimes turned off throughout the year for maintenance check-ups. A facebook viewer was concerned with debris and odor coming from the Falls.

City officials said the Falls are periodically turned off for various reasons, such as annual maintenance, repairing damaged parts, or even for stormy weather.

City officials said when the Falls is turned off, natural growing algae will create an odor. They added, any debris floating in the river will be picked up by city officials.

Jack Murphy, Director of Parks and Recreation, said, "The public has done a pretty good job of keeping the litter down while they visit the Falls and walking along our trail systems." Murphy added "There's always more to do to keep litter down and the environment more pleasant and enjoyable."

The Parks and Recreation Department will keep up the landscape and trails along the Falls.

City officials said despite being in stage two drought water restrictions, the Falls doesn't get turned off because the water is recycled.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6