Texoma's Obstructed View

Driving along some Texoma roadways it can be hard to see what's ahead, especially when the signs are covered with plants.

City officials say if the trees or bushes are on city property, they'll take care of it as soon as they're aware. Even if the plants are on private property, the city will remove or cut them back if they're directly obscuring the signs and causing a safety risk.

Steve Scott lives on Seymour Road and said he has no problem trimming his trees if it will help make the roads safer. He said, "That would be great. I think that's a good idea we have a bus stop about 75 yards down in front of this parking zone and then right beyond that a short distance is a school zone. I think all the signs in the city need to be well cut back and able to see."

While there is no ordinance pertaining to how far away from an intersection a street sign must be visible, residents are required to abide by a 12 foot clearance ordinance. All trees must be kept trimmed enough to allow 12 feet of clearance between the street and lowest hanging limb. It's an ordinance that keeps most signs visible.

Scott said, "I haven't had any problems with the city on the signs and stuff up and down Seymour road here."

Wichita Falls Traffic Superintendent Mark Beauchamp said there are crews out looking for obstructed signs. If you see one, you can call the Traffic Engineering Division at (940) 761-7643 to report it.

For a complete list of traffic and visibility ordinances, click here.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6