Easy Target

Wichita Falls Police want you to not leave your vehicle running unattended. Leaving your vehicle running unattended is a way to become an easy target to thieves.

Wichita Falls Police Officer Jeff Hughes, with Crime Prevention, said, "By taking your keys out anytime you exit your vehicle, you take that opportunity away from the bad guy."

Officer Hughes said despite the risks and danger some residents continue to do so. "People say it's more of a convenience to leave the car running and be gone for a second, but it's that second that makes all the difference."

In just seconds thieves could have all of your personal information. Police said making smarter choices can really save you from more trouble. "Now here is somebody that has your keys, your car, your address, your garage door opener." Officer Hughes added, "You have given them access to a whole lot more than just that car."

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6