Lawton Inmate Stabbed To Death

LAWTON, Okla. - A Lawton inmate was stabbed to death Wednesday in a prison fight.

Police and medical responders arrived at Lawton's Geo Correctional Facility shortly before 6 p.m. There they found Sonny Limpy, 25 inmate stabbed twice in the face, twice in the left wrist and once in the chest. He was taken to Southwestern Medical Center and later pronounced dead.

Police Capt. Wade Shaw said officers are still investigating the stabbing to determine how the fight happened. They said they have five suspects in the attack. Lawton police said the attackers used a homemade knife inside one of the prison pods.

Limpy was serving a life sentence without parole for first-degree murder. He was convicted of killing an Oklahoma City homeowner who was trying to break up a fist-fight at a party. Witnesses said Limpy threatened the man to stay out of the fight. When the victim turned to walk away, police said Limpy shot him and ran off to Mexico where he was eventually arrested.

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