Operation Thank A Veteran

Presbyterian Manor invites community members to go online, choose a card for an older adult veteran and type a brief personal note to thank them for their service to our country. Employees will print the card and deliver it on July 4 to one of the senior adult residents who served in the armed forces.

GOAL:  250 cards (so each veteran will receive 3 – 4 cards)


(1)    From June 13 – July 3: go to presmanor.org

(2)    Choose the card design you like

(3)    Write a personal note about how your freedom makes you feel!

What will happen:

(1)    On July 4th, 2012, employees print out the cards and deliver them to residents who have served their country in the armed forces

(2)    You'll make Independence Day very special for some very special older adults


(1)    Because no one should forget what a veteran has gone through for us

(2)    Because we want them to feel appreciated

(3)    Because just a few words can mean so much

It's free! It only takes a moment! They'll post pictures of veterans receiving their cards so you can see the smiles yourself!

For more information contact Jerri Thomas, Director of Marketing at 940-696-8633 or jerri@presmanor.org