Security System Scam

The Wichita Falls Better Business Bureau is warning you about a potential security system scam.

The BBB said there have been several complaints about alarm companies having bad business practices. BBB said many of these companies will be going door to door this summer.

In order to sell door to door in Wichita Falls, the business must obtain a solicitation permit from the city. The only exception is Alarm companies, which are licensed separately by the Department of Public Safety.

BBB Director of Operations Cosme Ojeda said, "It is an open time for a large population of unemployed people. High school students, college students, they're out and they need to make some money. These burglar alarm companies, and other companies pick up these large loads of unemployed people."

Many of these new employees don't know their employers past histories. Ojeda says they're often only concerned with having a job and making money. If the parent company has bad business practices, its likely their new employees will too.

"Its just like a kid, if the parents a great parent the kids going to be a great kid. If the parent is not so great a parent, not so great a role model, then that's the way the kids going to turn out.  It's the same thing with these types of situations," said Ojeda.

There have also been reports of salesman telling people they have 30 days to terminate any contract they sign. The Federal Trade Commission's 'cooling off period', in which a consumer can change their mind, is actually only 3 days. It is important to check the back of any contract before you sign, to make sure there are no discrepancies.

Ojeda says there are ways to avoid a security system scam. "Someone knocks on their door, the first thing you should do is ask for their DPS pocket security card. If you are interested, let them leave you the information. If its a good product, a good service they'll let you think about it. You shouldn't make any decisions at your door, regardless of what they're selling."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6