Henrietta: Booze on the Ballot?

The City of Henrietta could soon become wet. One Henrietta business owner is putting together a petition to sell alcohol.

Justin O'Malley, Owner of O'Malley arms on the downtown square said if alcohol is legalized in Henrietta the town would benefit tremendously.

"All our residents are spending their money outside of town, but if that money stayed locally it would benefit the community enormously." O'Malley added, "With all the jobs that will be created from restaurants opening or from people shopping locally, the community will prosper."

O'Malley said the sale of alcohol is one key step in growing the city economically and invites new and old residents to stay. "I'd like to see this town grow and thrive."

Legalizing alcohol will keep roads safe. O'Malley said People wouldn't have to drive long distances to buy it.

Henrietta's City Administrator Kelley Bloodworth said if the sale of alcohol does make it on the November ballot, she hopes it would bring business, create jobs and increase sales tax revenue.

Justin O'Malley said in order to sign the petition you need to be a resident of Henrietta and a registered voter.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6

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