Rubber on the Road

Texoma's hot weather is causing wear and tear your tires, and tire debris out on the roads can be a hazard.

Todd's Auto Service Center is seeing more weather worn tires. Bobby Todd, Owner of Todd's Service Center, said, "Tires get weather cracks and if your tires start cracking and rotting you need to replace them."

Ray Stephens, Co-owner of Todd's Service Center, said hitting tire debris on the roads can also damage your car.

"Tire debris could hit the plastic skirting off from underneath your car. It could get wrapped around your CV joints." Stephens added, "It could pop up and hit the side of your car and put a dent in your car and scratch the paint."

Spare tires can also be affected by the heat. "The spare tire is one of the most over looked tires on the vehicle." Stephens added, "I've seen cars come in and the tire is half blow apart from getting too hot or weather cracks."

Todd's Service Center says during the hotter months there are things to look for to make sure your car runs smoothly. Make sure your oil is changed, fluids are full, belts are well oiled to prevent cracking, and your battery is in good condition.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6