Gas Prices Keep Dropping

AAA Texas released the following press release on dropping gas prices:

Drivers in all states within the continental U.S. are now paying less than $4.00 per gallon on average for gas.  Texans are now paying an average of $3.28, which is five cents less than last week according to the AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch.

Nationwide drivers are paying an average of $3.47 for a gallon of regular unleaded which is 19 cents more than the average in Texas.  In the Lone Star State, drivers in El Paso are paying the most on average at $3.46, while drivers in Fort Worth are paying the least at $3.22.

Lower crude oil prices and economic concerns both at home and abroad remain the primary reason for the steady decline in retail gasoline prices over the past several months.  The latest decrease in gas prices means people in Texas are paying about $46 to fill up a 14-gallon size tank, which is the average size of a family car.