Fruitful Recovery: Tucker Farms

Texoma farmers continue to recover from a devastating drought. Thornberry and Charlie farmers are trying to start new this summer, after losing hundreds of pecan and peach trees.

Drought conditions really put a dent on the Tucker Farm in Charlie last summer. Owner Delores Tucker said, "We just had no crop at all. We planted a lot of vegetables early, but the hot wind just dried them up and there was no peaches." Delores added, "No one even opened last year and it was just a total disaster last year."

Delores said despite all the dead peach and pecan trees her peach crop was good this time around. "They aren't nearly as big as they were last year and they have some hail marks." Delores added, "They're good sweet peaches and people have been really nice about supporting us."

Delores said another summer like last can put a toll on their water source. The majority of farmers out in the Thornberry and Charlie area get their water source from an underground aquifer, and only rain can replenish it.

"Right now I don't have to many concerns, but you know in the back of your mind you do worry that hopefully we're not pulling to much water out of the ground."

The Peach Festival kicks off next Thursday out on Tucker Farms, in Charlie. All residents are invited to indulge in sweet peaches grown right in Texoma soil. From noon to 3pm, free peach cobbler and ice cream will be served.

To find out more information you can contact Tucker Farms at (940) 544-2455.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6