Newcastle Mayor Hands In Resignation

A Texoma mayor is stepping down.

Newcastle Mayor Steve Sosinski announced he is resigning from his duties. He said he believes he has done everything he can to make a difference in the community.

Sosinski wrote in the Newscastle News, "I have always been fascinated by the law, and thought I could apply it fairly and justly, but recently realized that it too, is influenced by those how imagine they exist above it, not within it, that laws should only be applied to those without influence and power. I could not function in that sort of environment, and if I could, would soon realize that I would be hurting the very people I was trying to help."

He also wrote, "My brush with politics has been discouraging, I am convinced that I was never meant to be a "politician."

Sosinski also resigned as Emergency Management Director and from his position in the volunteer fire department. He will leave office on July 14th.