Fireworks: Back in Business

With no ban on fireworks this year in Wichita County firework stands are ready for business.

The shelves are stocked and Russell's Fireworks is open and ready to sell. Russell's is hoping to make up for sales lost. Russell Nettles, Owner of Russell's Fireworks, said, "Last year was devastating to my business and it was tough."  Nettles added, "This is a new year and we've been getting a little bit of rain and I'm expecting a very good season."

Nettles said opening day went great and was what he had expected. Two of his customers, Susan Fortune and her husband, are stocking up early on fireworks, ready to have a normal 4th of July celebration.

Susan said, "Last year was sad with the burn bans and there were fires everywhere. We're very excited this year that the rain has been helpful and we're going to have a great big party."

Another Russell's customer Mark Nall said, "We always get together and shoot off a lot of fireworks. We just plan to buy as many as we can."

Nettles wants to encourage all Russell's Fireworks customers to be safe. "Be responsible and be prepared. If you can do those two things you can prevent any accidents." Nettles added "Fireworks don't start fires, irresponsible people start fires, so please be responsible when you use your fireworks."

Residents are allowed to set off fireworks in Wichita County. Wichita Falls officials would like to remind everyone it is illegal to possess or discharge fireworks inside city limits. Anyone caught can face a two thousand dollar fine.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6