Graham Drug Dog Making Big Imprint

Graham's police dog has seized $16,233 worth of drugs in just one year.  The department first received Marco in April of 2011 and it was just recently recertified. The four-legged canine is slowly cleaning up the streets of Graham.
He may have tiny paws but they're making a big imprint on the city of Graham.

"He's got so many multi purposes that have been shown in the community," said Graham Police Chief Tony Widner. "His ability to do the tracking as well as the drug interdiction."

In one year Marco has made 32 arrests, cleared 15 warrants and seized thousands of dollars worth of drugs from meth to marijuana. He's so good at his job that drug dealers monitor his schedule.

"They monitor when the dog is out. I think they know the officers voice on the radio. They can tell when he's out and moving around," said Chief Widner.

"They change up my schedule so nobody knows exactly what times I'm going to be out," said the dog's handler, Devin Wright.

When they ride along in his K-9 vehicle patrolling the streets, traffic patterns change. When Marco's out, drug dealers aren't.

"We will see more traffic among that element of our community at times when he's not working and when he starts working that shift you'll see a change," said Chief Widner.

It's only been one year but his impact has exceeded all expectations.

"I don't know if all K-9's perform to the same level that Marco does. He does more than we all imagined."

From financial help from residents to the Police Auxiliary having Marco would not have been possible. Graham Police Chief Tony Widner said he's thankful for that support.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.