Fourth of July Safety Patrols

The Wichita County Sheriff's Office will have extra Deputies patrolling in Wichita County to ensure a safe Fourth of July Celebration for all residents.

Deputies will be searching for intoxicated drivers, patrolling rural areas to enforce fireworks laws and to watch for wild fires. The area is extremely dry and a small grass fire could easily ignite hundreds of acres in a short period of time.

Some of the areas that will be heavily patrolled during Freedom Fest include;

  • Burkburnett Road (S.H. 240)
  • Cashion Community
  • Areas around Sheppard Air Force Base.

Deputies will also be looking for persons who are intoxicated.

Every year, one of the biggest problems and costs to the taxpayers, is fireworks trash that is left after the Fourth of July Holiday. Deputies will be issuing citations for littering to those who leave their trash.