Okla. State Rep. Mike Ritze Statement On Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

Oklahoma State Representative Mike Ritze decried the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the federal health care law Thursday, including the individual mandate.

"The federal health care law represents a radical change toward socialized medicine and the idea of the federal government forcing Americans to buy health insurance was a bold overreach," said Ritze (R, Broken Arrow). "I simply don't see how the Supreme Court could justify upholding this law."

Ritze, a board-certified family practice physician and surgeon, said wide opposition to the law will ensure that it is ultimately repealed.

"I am going to continue my efforts to pass legislation in Oklahoma to nullify the law in our state," said Ritze. "Although most Americans want to see our health care system improved, they do not want the government to take it over or to make important decisions for them. There is a conservative approach to fixing the system, which is to remove the government intervention already in place that has kept it from being a truly free market system."