Wichita Falls TxDOT District Get Extra Funding

AUSTIN - State officials gave final approval Thursday to about $1.9 billion in additional transportation funds to communities across the state.

$10,729,000 of that will come to the Wichita Falls District of the Texas Department of Transportation to complete two very pressing projects in Wichita Falls and Baylor County.

$650,000 of the local allocation will help the Metropolitan Planning Organization and City of Wichita Falls build the new Wichita Falls Travel Center. The facility will be a regional hub located on Scott Street between 3rd and 4th Streets. It will allow for multiple forms of transportation.

$9,729,000 will be spent to complete a portion of US 277 south of Seymour to the Knox county line. The highway will be upgraded to become four lane divided road, which is the ultimate goal for all of US 277.

This stretch of US 277 is estimated to cost $12.3 million to build. Any additional funding will come from the construction budget of the Wichita Falls District of TxDOT.

TxDOT anticipates reviewing bids for the project in December 2012.

In its revision of the 2012 Unified Transportation Program, the Texas Transportation Commission gave approval for TxDOT to move forward with additional funding identified earlier this year.

TxDOT partnered with Metropolitan Planning Organizations, regional transportation organizations, and districts to identify projects that focus on safety, congestion, maintenance, and statewide connectivity.