Lake Levels Below 50%

WICHITA FALLS - As of Monday, July 2nd, the combined level of Lakes Arrowhead and Kickapoo dropped below 50% and are now at 49.8%. The City will now be increase patrolling for water violators and will forward all Notices of Violation to the Municipal Court for prosecution.

The City of Wichita Falls initiated a Stage 2 Drought Warning June 11, 2012 in anticipation that the combined total of Lakes Arrowhead and Kickapoo would soon reach 50%. During this period the City has been asking that citizens implement and adhere to the Stage 2 Drought Warning Water Use Restrictions. At that time, when a violation of these restrictions was reported and documented the City would issue a warning.

Now that lake levels are under 50%, citations will be issued for any water restriction violations.

The City of Wichita Falls issued a statement encouraging everyone to follow the Stage 2 water use restrictions, and conserve water in any way possible to help protect and preserve the City's water supply.