Snap, Crackle, Caught

This 4th of July holiday you might want to think twice before popping off fireworks.

The Wichita Falls Police Department said it is illegal to possess or set off any fireworks within city limits. They said calls are already coming in for irresponsible citizens popping them off.

Brandie Young, Crime Prevention Officer, said, "Looking at last weekend there were 20 firework calls. We are prepared for the 4th of July by having extra patrol out there to catch people."

To prevent any 4th of July danger all patrols will be out looking for any violators. "We will also be driving around the city just looking for it." Officer Young added, "Also, with normal traffic stops if you're put in possession with them or they're in your vehicle, you can be fined and your fireworks will be seized."

Officer Young said any citizens caught breaking the law in city limits can face a fine up to $2,000. A hefty price she hopes will make anyone think twice before setting off fireworks.

The Wichita Falls Police Department said residents can call a non-emergency number to report illegal firework activity. That number is  (940) 720-5000. Once you notify police, an officer will patrol that area.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6