Report Highlights W.F. Health Status

WICHITA FALLS - The Wichita County Public Health District announced Tuesday that a report entitled Wichita County Health Facts is complete. The report was written by Dr. Kirk Harlow at Midwestern State in collaboration with leadership at the Health District. It presents a compilation of various data that provides a picture of the health status for Wichita County.

Letters will be mailed to a group of community leaders in the health field that include the full report and an invitation to meet and discuss the findings and how to proceed as a group. This work will include conducting a Community Health Improvement Plan.

All of this is done with the vision of the Health District in mind: Healthy People, Healthy Community.

Some noteworthy results based on the available data are:

Factors negatively affecting community health:

  • High birth rate to women under 18
  • High obesity rates
  • High proportion of physically inactive adults
  • High proportion of excessive drinking
  • Increasing older population
  • High proportion of uninsured
  • Low median household income

Factors positively affecting community health:

  • Improving economy
  • Decline in tobacco use
  • Use of flu vaccine
  • Proportion indicating physical activity increasing
  • Low rates of binge drinking

Good access to health services:

  • Health status problem areas:
  • High rates of heart disease
  • High rates of cancer
  • High infant mortality rates
  • High low-birth weight rates