Freedom to Launch

All over Texoma people celebrated the 4th of July with fireworks of all shapes and sizes. For people who don't own land outside city limits finding a legal place to shoot off fireworks can be difficult.

Less than a mile from the Wichita Falls city limit, residents found a legal liftoff zone for their Independence Day celebrations. For just $5 a car load, the Texoma motor speedway opened its gates for hundreds of people to go set off fireworks and celebrate.

Co-owner Kandi Clark said, "Bring your own fireworks, coolers are welcome. We just ask that you be responsible with it because this is a family atmosphere. We just want people to be cautious about that. Be cautious about what you bring."

She and her family have been popping off fireworks from that land for more than 10 years. "It initially started whenever our kids were little and we would come out here and pop fireworks and have family and some close friends. Every year it just grew bigger and bigger and bigger so we decided, we have 16 acres, so why not just open it to the public so they would all have a place to come."

For Clark and her husband, safety is the number one priority. "We do have our own water trucks in the back getting filled up tonight so plenty of water on hand in case things were to get a little out of control. We don't really anticipate that but just in case were fully prepared."

While Newschannel 6 was there, two small grass fires broke out. The Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department, located right across the street, responded to each in under a minute and had them quickly under control. Clark said cooperating with Wichita West is standard protocol. "We are always in communication with them any time we have any kind of function going on over here they're fully aware and fully prepared, in case they need to step in."

Sheriffs deputies were also out on Seymour Highway to assist with traffic.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6