Residents Attack Police & Deputies With Firecrackers

Wichita Falls law enforcement officers went into full riot gear to deal with a mob off Bailey Ave. residents that ended Independence Day with a violent bang.

Wichita Falls police and Wichita County deputies responded to the 400 block of Bailey Ave. Wednesday just before midnight. There officers tried to control the crowds of people. Police said an unknown number of residents were shooting firecrackers at passing cars and people, including police officers, sheriff's deputies, and a fire truck.

First responders were at the scene because a child was struck by a firework, but the ambulance had to retreat because of the riot.

Newschannel 6 was at the scene as police put on flak jackets, and riot shields to try to calm the situation. They arrested an under aged girl who police said threw at least two exploding fireworks over an officer's head. She also threw a third one past his shield which exploded near the face of a different officer, leaving him disoriented. He was later treated at the ER for continuous pain and ringing in his ear, and skin irritation on left side of his face.

Officers chased the woman and caught her hiding in some shrubs in the 900 block of Bailey. She was arrested for aggravated assault, possession of marijuana and evading arrest.