Highway 79 Grass Fire

Thick smoke from a massive grass fire covered a stretch of Highway 79 on Thursday afternoon, prompting officials to close off about a mile of busy road.

Archer County Sheriff Staci Beesinger suspects a grass fire caused by 4th of July fireworks re-kindled. The fire spread quickly consuming grass, large trees and threatening at least 3 homes.

Bobby Dove was driving by when he noticed the fire and got out to see what was happening. He said, "I saw this big black cloud of smoke and fire trucks coming everywhere and I knew something bad was happening. This house right over here this house was just about to get it and so was this one over here."

Dove then noticed a donkey trapped in the same field where the flames were rapidly spreading.

"I got in there and tried to help that animal stay out of the way of fire and then there were fire trucks everywhere."

Several good samaritans hopped the fence and helped Dove coax the animal into the corner farthest from the flames.

Fire crews from Lakeside City, Wichita Falls, Bowman, Holliday and the surrounding area battled the fire from multiple angles, forcing it away from structures and a gas station across highway 79.

Dove and other onlookers were impressed with quick response from local fire departments and their ability to keep the homes safe. Dove said, "They got in here and got right on top of it. I mean they were just right on top of it."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6