Another Arrest Made In Stripes Robbery

Another Arrest Made In Stripes Robbery

A man has been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated robbery in connection to the robbery of a convenience store last July.

The DA's office provided authorities with information showing Kadeem Dwyane Emmers said that Melvin Murphy Jr. assisted him in February in the robbery of the Stripes on Southwest Parkway and Taft.

The 21-year-old told police that Murphy drove him to and from the Stripes in a red Tarus

A week later, Murphy was interviewed and admitted he participated in the robbery with Emmers.

Murphy said at one point he was going to go in a rob it, but they decided he would wait and drive.  He also said Emmers used a .380 caliber handgun and as he was driving them away, Emmers shot at a suspect who was trying to get their vehicle information.  He told authorities where they went after the robbery and how they divided up the cash and stolen goods.

Wichita Falls Police Public Information Officer Sergeant Joe Snyder said police arrested Kadeem Dwayne Emmers on July 5 last year at around 11:30. He was sent to the Police Department where he was interviewed.

Detectives then obtained search warrants for two residences. They worked through the night looking for evidence in the robbery case.

Police believe Emmers could be connected to the July 2nd armed robbery at Stripes. Sergeant Danny Wiggins said a black man with a ski mask went into the Stripes store around 12:30 a.m. with a handgun and left with an undetermined amount of cash. He then shot at a bystander who tried to get a closer look at the man's identity and the vehicle the man got into.

Emmers is facing aggravated robbery charges. His bond has been set at two million dollars.