Are You Infected?

The FBI is warning all consumers about a virus that will leave thousands of people without the Internet on Monday.

If you are a consumer with malware on your computer, on Monday your Internet access will be gone. The Better Business Bureau said the problem can be fixed.

Monica Horton, President of the BBB of North Central Texas, said, "That's why it's important for consumers to scan their computers to see if they contain the malwear."

Horton said the FBI brought down a ring of hackers last year and those hackers installed malware on people's computers. The malware was redirecting all Internet activity to their servers, giving the hackers access to thousands of people's personal information.

"When the FBI caught them they set up clean servers to transfer all the information through." Horton added, "They did that so those infected computers wouldn't lose Internet access by them just shutting down the hackers servers."

The new servers put up by the FBI will be shut down on July 9th. Horton said any computer that was infected with the malware will not be able to access the Internet on Monday if they don't fix it.

The FBI is encouraging everyone to go to a special website to see if they are infected,

The BBB said if your computer was infected your information should be ok. They recommend everyone to check bank accounts and stay on top of screening credit card statements. The BBB said if there's any irregular activity, take action to protect yourself.

The BBB said to check if your computer is infected with malware, you just need to head to a website put up by the FBI and check.  Click here to check if you are infected and click on the icon that says detect.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6