Faith Refuge is Changing Lives

It's been a little more than two months since Faith Refuge opened its doors to Texoma women. Since then the agency has served more than 3,000 meals and helped countless women.

"This place has done a lot for me. It's changed my whole life, my family," said 26-year-old Savannah Burke. She's a recovering meth addict. Six months clean.

"I'm finally getting something right," she said. "Everything is my life is a whole lot better than it was before as soon as I came here. This place has changed everything."

Right now there are 18 women. Some are by themselves while others have families, but they all have one thing in common, hope for a new life.

"I have hope now," said Rachel Tucker. "I feel like I can face the world," she said.

She is another women seeking a new life. She was about to be put in a nursing home, a place she didn't want to go. Faith Refuge accepted her and she was given a second chance.

"It feels like I'm rested now, coming back to reality, a lot of things have happened for me."

For the two months its been open the refuge has housed dozens of women from all walks of life. Sometimes they last until they're able to survive on their own, sometimes they don't. The refuge does have requirements: daily chores, bible studies and a life focused on God.

"Let God change their lives," said Faith Mission Marketing Director Vicky Payne. "They get job skills, they receive classes on conflict resolution, life skills training."

The help given is enough to keep beds occupied and give people like Savannah Burke another chapter in life that's drug free.

Faith Refuge officials say they are need of volunteers to help cook meals. They say they are very flexible.  You can contact Faith Refuge at (940) 322-4673.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.