Vouchers for Vegetables

After more than a month delay Texoma seniors can finally pick up their farmers market coupon booklets to buy fresh local produce.

"You can't compare it to supermarket prices, you really can't," said voucher recipient Carole Foose.

This is the second year Fosse is using the coupons and said she definitely noticed a difference last year.

"It was good because I filled up my freezer and my cupboards with canned goods. We lived well," she said.

Vendor Steve Young said he's sees more and more people using the vouchers each year since it began three years ago. He said they can use the coupons for anything at the farmers market, except for pecans.

"If they want to get some peaches and they want to get cantaloupe and watermelon now's the time to go and get those coupons and come on down to the market and get them spent."

Seniors can pick up their coupon booklets for the farmers market at three different locations:

1. Trinity Lutheran Church, 3505 Kemp

2. Floral Heights United Methodist, 2214 10th St.

3. Vernon College Senior Center, 4400 Augusta, Vernon

The $20 in vouchers are good until the market closes at the end of September.