Affordable Health Care Scams

No sooner had the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act than scam artists began working the phones. The Better Business Bureau is warning of scams taking form using this Act as the hook.

1) Some say they're from the government and that they need to verify some information.

2) In another scam, they show up at homes, call, text or even contact their victims through social media convincing them that a new federal assistance program will pay up to $1,000 on their utility or credit card bills, victims are then given phony bank account and routing numbers to use when paying their bills online, but only after "registering" their Social Security numbers and other personal information.

If someone who claims to be from the government calls and asks for your personal information, hang up. It's a scam. The government and legitimate organizations you do business with already have the information they need and will not ask you for it. There is no federal assistance program to pay household bills.