Sheppard Support

Sheppard Support

The Sheppard Military Affairs Committee is always looking at improving its value and the base's interaction with the community. The committee hired two consultants who spent two months analyzing and speaking with former and current officials.

They said Sheppard is already a top tier base so looking for improvements was hard but after speaking with dozens of people they did have some ideas for improvements.

"Without fail the people I talked to at Headquarters ATC or the pentagon, when I mentioned Sheppard it was a positive reaction," said consultant Garry Richey, retired Senior Executive Department of the Air Force.

"We engaged these two gentlemen to come into our communities, Wichita Falls, Burk and Iowa Park and look at our base community relations," said Kay Yeager, Sheppard Military Affairs Committee.

The men spoke to more than a dozen civic leaders, a dozen former and present commanders from Wichita Fall to the pentagon.

The consultants offered minor suggestions.

1. Improving the base's interaction

2. Improve visibility at Headquarters

3. Support the airmen at the base

4. The last was to continue our success with Sheppard programs.

"The squadron Adopt A Program and ENJJPT (euro-NATO joint jet pilot training) are model programs for the air force in my experience and to continue to build on those programs and keep them strong," said consultant Loren Reno, retired Lieutenant General.

The two consultants also applauded our congressmen for their relationship with Sheppard. To read more about Sheppard's impact on Texoma click here. Each suggestion offered with be analyzed by SMAC and Sheppard. The is first time the committee ever did anything like this.

A few months ago in January the community was presented with the Altus Award for having the community with the best relationship with air education and training command.

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