Graham Alcohol Amendment

Graham is one step closer to allowing stores the right to sell alcohol. Tuesday more than 800 signatures for "Graham Wet" were sent to the city secretary's office. To be clear Young County is a dry county and five restaurants in Graham already sell alcohol to customers through a private club membership. The petition is for package stores like, Walmart, United, Allsup's and others. Residents want to be able to buy alcohol and take it home.

"I think it would be alright for them to have sales, it would help our community and keep our tax money here instead of sending it to another little small town," said one Graham resident.

"The county can use the taxes but as a Christian I see the downfall of drinking," said another resident.

"We want people to visit Graham,'said Spokesperson for Graham Wet, Mike Elmore. "We want people to come to Graham. Graham is a wonderful place to be. But we want you to get whatever it is you need here in Graham."

Resident have to travel outside the city to Newcastle and outside the county to get their hands on alcohol. The petition will cut that drive time.

"We know it's safer for our citizens to get it around the corner than it is on a 40 mile round trip going 70 mph," said Elmore.

"When you have increased availability. You'll have increased consumption," said Joe Finfrock, Pastor, Oak Street Baptist Church.

He is against the local sale of alcohol.

"I'm on the side that tries to pick up the pieces and repair the damages that alcohol use and abuse causes."

Despite the argument from those who say it will add increased tax revenue Pastor Finfrock believes there are other things more important.

"We believe the quality of life, the blessings of God are far more important than tax revenue or having a little bit more money for the city," he said.

"All the gloom and doom that people say out there, it just doesn't ever come true," said Elmore.

If the signatures prove to be accurate in a matter of months Graham may join the ranks of other Texoma cities making the dry to wet switch.

Once the signatures are verified it will be put on the November ballot.

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