Sheriff On Border Patrol Shutdowns

Wichita County Sheriff David Duke has made national headlines with his opposition to a proposal by the federal government to shut down some Border Patrol stations in Texas.

In total, nine U.S. Border Patrol stations are in jeopardy of being closed, six of which are located in Texas.

Sheriff Duke says the station in Fort Worth, the one his deputies refer to in immigration violation cases, is not threatened with closure. However, he says he is opposed to the outlying stations being closed down, because he is afraid of overflow.

"The impact is you still have flow of illegals that come through here. If you don't have these other offices that are actually shutting down some of that flow, that flow continues Northward," said Sheriff Duke. "And not just through here, but up into Oklahoma and it branches all over the country."

The closures would relocate about 40 agents to stations in border counties. While Duke does admit more help is needed near the border, he thinks counties to the North are being forgotten.