Kids in the Heat

The triple digit temperatures are not only miserable they can pose a serious risk to your kids.

The summer heat is scorching Texoma, but a playful day in the sun can easily turn into a trip to the ER.

Doctor Lawrence Lyford, Pediatrician at the Community Healthcare Center, said, "Kids don't think before they do and don't think in terms of consequences. As adults we have to think of those consequences for them."

Dr. Lyford is always reminding parents to be aware in the heat. He said the heat can mean danger if parents are not careful.

"The seat is to hot and they just don't realize that they can burn a child."

Dr. Lyford added that not only can car seats pose as a hazard, it's the metal and plastic on the seatbelts that he's seen give children first degree burns.

The danger goes beyond your car, and the ground can really heat up too. "The black top gets so hot and if a child gets out of the car and runs on it, they can get burns on the bottom of their feet."

Dr. Lyford said signs that your child might be dehydrated include, decreased activity, if your child is  sluggish, or even pale colored.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6