Home Again

A Texoma Couple is about to be home again, after last years devastating wildfires destroyed their house. Theresa and Ken Simpson were evacuated from their home along FM 367 on the morning of April 15th, 2011.

Theresa Simpson remembers that morning well.  She said, "He ran in the house and he said get dressed, they're out here we gotta go, there's fires coming." The Simpson's returned to their home the next morning, and found it had been completely destroyed. Simpson said she and her husband lost 44 years of memories.

You can still find evidence of the fire in the Simpson's backyard. Amongst the burnt trees, is also new life. Now, thanks to some help from Interfaith Ministries and some complete strangers, there's also a new home for the Simpson's.

Jean Payne, Executive Director of Interfaith Ministries said, "A local contractor approached us and said I'd like to build a house and donate it for a family. Do you have someone to recommend?"

For the last year, the Simpson's have lived in this mobile trailer and watched as their new home was built brick by brick. The Simpson's said, "Thank you is not enough, it goes beyond that. It's so wonderful, so many people, the best people."

With their house almost complete, Interfaith Ministries is now helping the couple fill the rest of the empty spaces by throwing them a housewarming party. Payne said, "Folks can go under those registries and see what items they are in need of and they can go through and purchase those items and bring them to interfaith ministries. We'll collect them and take them to the family."

After already receiving so much help, Theresa Simpson was overwhelmed by this latest act of kindness. She said, "It's tough when you start all over again after 44 years. I'd be happy just sleeping on the floor in here. It's still unbelievable to me that there's so many, so many wonderful people out there. And we thank them all."

While Ken and Theresa are happy for the shelter their mobile home as provided, Ken was quick to tell Newschannel 6, "It's for sale."

If you'd like to help the Simpson's furnish their home, you can donate an item from one of their registries at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6