Drive Safe, Save Lives

Wichita Falls Police are talking about the importance of keeping your eyes on the road. Newschannel 6 Natalie Garcia saw a man get hit by a car Friday morning at Taft Boulevard and Southwest Parkway.

The woman driving the van that hit the pedestrian said she was distracted by the construction in the area. Just in an instant she hit an elderly man crossing the street, causing him to fly through the air like a puppet.

Wichita Falls Police said this is why everyone needs to stay alert behind the wheel. Sergeant Joe Snyder, P.I.O. with the Wichita Falls Police Department, said, "You got to watch out for the kids and be alert around the construction zones." Sgt. Snyder added, "Along construction zones there's going to be a lot of starting and stopping and merging. People need to be on the look out."

Sgt. Snyder said eating food, trying to talk, or even just adjusting the radio are all distractions the average driver might not be aware of.

"If you've been driving for some time you've probably experienced something that startled you or caused you to get on the breaks really quickly." Sgt. Snyder added, "When you're not focused 100% you can run into problems like that."

Police want to remind all residents to stay completely focused while on the road.

Police said the elderly man who was hit is a 75 year old Wichita Falls resident. We called United Regional and found out the man is in good condition.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6