Remembering Doug Whitaker

Doug Whitaker, a retired Wichita Falls Police Officer and Air Force Veteran died Friday in a motorcycle accident when he lost control near Oklaunion. Newschannel 6 sat down with family and friends who shared their memories of Doug.

Sunday afternoon family and friends gathered outside the home of Doug Whitaker, each had smiles on their faces.

"He'd salute every flag going down the street," said son Levi. "If there was a flag two houses right in a row, he'd salute twice."

"He taught us that you have to work to live and we learned that very young and all of us are very hardworking," said son Che Whitaker.

Doug served 26 years in the Wichita Falls Police Department before retiring in 2007, prior to that he was stationed at Sheppard AFB.

Those who knew him say beneath his outward appearance of tattoos and motorcycle gear, he had the heart of a godly man.

"He could tell you a prayer that could just take you to your knees and he and the veterans would both be crying," said friend Jody Pacheco.

"If you knew Doug you knew he was the kindest gentlest person on the earth," said friend Jimmy Murphy.

Doug was active in several motorcycle organizations including Blue Knights, Patriot Guard and Christian Motorcycle Association.

"He had a heart for children," said friend Ricky Scales who knew him through CMA. "One of the things we do as a chapter is we have a children's home visit and Doug was always very involved with that."

He was a man who loved motorcycles and it would be that love that would later take his life. Despite suffering several accidents prior to Friday it did not deter him from riding in the Patriot Guard, serving those who came back alive and those who didn't.

For his friends who rode right next time in the guard their next procession will be different since it will be for Doug.

"He's going to be going down the line poking everybody," said Pacheco.

Visitation is Monday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Hampton Vaughan Funeral Home. The funeral will take place Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Evangel Temple where he attended church.

The family asks that if you would like to honor Doug you can donate to the Wounded Warrior Project in his name and/or wear motorcycle attire and flags at his ceremony.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.