Burk Woman Arrested In Dog Torture Case

Burkburnett police and animal control officers witnessed one the most disturbing animal torture cases in their area. Now at least one person is facing charges.

Officers were called to the 400 block of North Holly Rd. on July 14th concerning an abandoned dog. Animal control officers warned the police that the abandoned dog's condition was the worst they had ever seen and to prepare themselves.

Most of the dog's fur was gone with sores large enough to look like its skin was missing. Insects had eaten one of its eyes and were working on the other.

The dog was extremely thin, and its hip, back and rib bones were noticeable and protruding. It was extremely emaciated and dehydrated. It did not move and did not respond to human interaction.

The dog was so deteriorated it's breed couldn't be determined. They could only figure out it's a male. The dog was taken to Burkburnett Animal Shelter and given food and water.
It died the next morning.

The house and front yard were full of trash and abandoned property. There were no signs of any food or water. People identified as renting the house are Juan Almendarez Jr. And Roxanne Marie Arredondo. Family members told police the dog had been ill and Almendarez Jr. failed to provide care. They said he instead left the dog outside so "They wouldn't have to deal with it or pay a vet."

Roxanne Marie Arredondo is charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals by torture. She posted her $5,000 bond at Wichita Co. Jail.

Right now there's no word on whether Almendarez has been arrested.