Blowing Hot Air

Keeping cool in your car is key for beating the triple digit heat, but the extreme weather can take a toll on your AC.

Your car can only take so much in this heat. Bobby Todd, Owner of Todd's Service Center, said, "Your air conditioning system is working extra hard and your fans are working extra hard. If something is going to go wrong, it's going to go wrong in extreme heat."

Todd's Service Center is keeping busy working on several AC's weekly. Ray Stephens, Co-Owner at Todd's Service Center, said,"There are several places on the AC system that can go bad. It could be a switch, a compressor, it could be anything." Stephens added,"The key is to just keep it checked and get it ready."

In most cases if an AC is not working properly, or at all, it can be because of something else in your car. "A few of the issues have just been where people neglect their coolant and have a hose leaking." Stephens added, "If the cars temperature rises and the pressure rises, it cuts the compressor off and it doesn't cool properly."

If you happen to be sitting in your car for a long period of time while it's not moving, Todd's Service Center recommends that you don't run your AC full blast. They said with air not moving in front of the car your AC is working extra hard and will not perform at it's best.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6