Quanah City Council Member Indicted

Quanah City Councilman was officially indicted for a 4-wheeler accident that injured an elderly woman.

Steve Williams was indicted on one count of Injury to an Elderly person by the Hardeman Co. Grand Jury on July 19th.

The councilman, local business owner and volunteer firefighter was originally arrested February 17th for Intoxication Assault. The Hardeman County Sheriff said the long term city council member hit two people that Friday with his ATV. The incident happened on South Main and West 13th.

A woman in her 70's and a young man in his 20's were standing along the curb on 13th Street when the woman was about to get inside her Ford Expedition. That's when she said Williams swerved toward her on his 4-wheeler.

The woman told Newschannel 6 a man in his 20's saved her life by pushing her out of the way. He took the hit and was run over. The impact was so strong from the accident that it forced her vehicle to move while she was thrown under it.

Williams was arrested that day and charged with Intoxication Assault. He posted $40,000 bail three days later.

The Grand Jury said during the indictment Williams "Recklessly caused bodily injury to an individual 65 years of age or older by operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and driving said motor vehicle into a parked (car), causing said parked motor vehicle to strike (the victim)."

Quanah City Hall staff said Williams has not resigned from the council.