WFISD Budget Breakdown: Eliminate Sub-Varsity Travel

The WFISD is laying down proposed budget cuts and some have people up in arms. During the next two school years the district plans on saving nearly $4.5 million with cuts to education and athletics.

One of the proposed cuts would eliminate all out of town travel for high school JV and freshman teams. It would save the district $50,000. It's certainly one of the most controversial of the cuts. You can click here and read the many Facebook comments from viewers.

"It would be a devastating blow for the young people involved," said Rider Head Football coach, Jim Garfield. "I can see the administration, they're trying to look at ways to put money back in so we can get teacher salary raises and stuff like that but this is affecting kids."

Former Rider JV players Colton Lopez and Kye Esteves are now gearing up for
their senior year of varsity football. One thing that sticks out to them most of all about their
former junior varsity days are the comradery of out of town travel and the competition.

"You get higher competition going to Dallas, Amarillo, and other places," said Esteves.

"If they can not prepare for the travel, how are they supposed to get ready for the varsity level," said Lopez.

Many different areas are under close watch for budget cuts. From inside the classroom to out in the field.

"It's not all inclusive. It's information for the board to consider some proposals to help them to
get where we need to be with regard to balancing the budget," said WFISD Assistant Superintendent Tim Powers.

Coach Garfield believes it could have a ripple affect on scholarships and a players athletic ability Another proposal would restrict band travel to one out of town game.

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.