Midnight Marathon Charity Run

The Wichita Falls Runners Club in cooperation with Anchor Baptist Church wish to announce the Midnight Marathon charity run to be held on August 11th at 7 p.m. to Midnight in Lucy Park.

This will be the first ever night time competitive run in Wichita Falls.  It will encompass both the paved and wilderness area trails in Lucy Park.  Prizes will be awarded in 6 categories.

All of the proceeds from the Midnight Marathon will fund the Food Pantry program at Anchor Baptist Church which currently serves about 50 children in the "Power Pack" program, 25 additional children have been identified as being in need.

The Wichita Falls Area Food Bank estimates that one in four children in our service area is food insecure. This means these children do not know when or where their next meal comes from.   Without Power Packs, these children would not have any food to eat for nearly three days every weekend.

For more information or to schedule interviews, please contact Mark Beauchamp at wfsigman@aol.con or sbeauchamp64@aol.com or call (940) 631-8838.