Runaway Comanche Co. Bride Sentenced

A Comanche County woman has been sentenced behind bars after faking her own kidnapping just days before her wedding.

Tiffany Bray of Fletcher pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count unauthorized use of a vehicle and one count obstructing an officer. She received a five-year suspended sentence for stealing her fiance's truck when she vanished, 60 days for false reporting of a crime.

Bray must also repay more than $33,000 to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for time and money spent searching for her.

OSBI Agents said it spent hundreds of hours searching for Bray after she was reported missing by her fiance in July 2010.

OSBI Agent Richard Goss said "My agents worked 24 hours a day, several days in a row, racked up six and a half thousand miles driving though Oklahoma and Texas, 685 man hours to find miss bray and found out it's a hoax."

Bray vanished just days before her wedding, and sent a text message to her fiance, saying she as being held against her will.

She was found with another man almost a month later in a Corpus Christi motel, and admitted she had run away.