Business Feeling the Heat

Businesses in Texoma are battling the heat. Even those built to thrive in the summer swelter have trouble when the temperatures hit triple digits.

Nick Bowling, General Manager of Bahama Buck's said, "Actually when it gets above 100 degrees our sales go down a little bit. I don't know if it's that it's so hot those people don't want to get out of their house but we usually get a decline in sales."

Assistant Manager of Leslie's Swimming Pool Supply Marissa Stone said, "Normally when there's more heat that means more business but once it hits that certain point nobody really wants to get out."

Many Texoma businesses are now experiencing the customer drought that accompanies high temps. Bowling said, "The biggest sales are going to be the month of June."

Soon enough, the weather will turn cold. Maybe too cold for snow cones and pools, but these seasonal businesses have a plan to adapt.

Bowline said, "During the winter we serve like coffee and hot chocolate and stuff like that." While over at Leslie's Stone said, "People come in normally to get smaller things like some people come in to get things like solar covers to keep their pool heated in the winter time. Some people come in to get their normal shock and their tablets, you know, not too much but the people that actually keep their pools up during the winter time."

For now, as summer roars on, these businesses will continue to compete, and Stone said the competition within the store is enough to push the staff. "It's kind of fun because in the summertime you get the people in who are willing to work for the summer. Of course you're getting new people each summer. Those people that come in, its great to have new faces, new people who want to try for their job, want to work hard, want to compete with you."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6