Henrietta H2O

The residents of Henrietta have been asked to boil their water because the water pressure got below the allowed limit.

Henrietta city officials said a boil order goes into affect if the pressure in the water distribution lines gets to low. The city said they are taking steps to ensure that their drinking water is top quality.

Troy Potts, Public Works Director said the city's water plant will be undergoing some major  renovations. A project to install two new 500,000 gallon storage tanks, above ground, will replace an old underground tank.

Potts said a new reservoir water pump will also be replaced along with two other projects.

"You have to have storage capacity. You have to be able to keep the reserve water full." Potts added, "That allows us to maintain the pressure that we are required to have in the distribution center."

All the new changes will speed up the purification process at the water treatment plant.

To pay for all the projects the city got a loan through the Texas Water Development Board. 
Potts said taxpayers will not see an increase, because tax dollars have already been set aside to pay off the loan.

Henrietta city officials said they got approved by the state to start construction on the projects. Two phases of the project will be completed by January of 2013.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6