Thockmorton Deputy Crash

A Throckmorton County sheriffs deputy's illegal u-turn brought to light his questionable driving record and a possible lawsuit against the county.

A crash report states Throckmorton Sheriff's Deputy John Michael Montgomery, 24 had just finished up with a traffic stop on US 183 on July 11th in Stephens County. He was outside his unit talking with Stephens Co. deputies. He then got back into his vehicle to leave. Ruben Cortez of Woodson, TX, was driving southbound on 183 when Montgomery made a u-turn. This caused Cortez' Chevy truck to T-bone Montgomery's vehicle.

The two Stephen's County deputies witnessed the accident, and still had their emergency lights on from assisting Montgomery on the initial stop when Cortez passed them.

Deputy Montgomery broke his pelvis and was airlifted to a Ft. Worth hospital. He was later released. When DPS and the Stephens Co. Sheriff ran the deputy's license, they found out he had a warrant for failure to appear out of Jack Co. for a speeding ticket.

We also found out from Sheriff Staci Williams Beesinger of Archer County that Montgomery was in another T-bone wreck 6 months ago when he worked as an Archer Co. sheriff's deputy. Beesinger said he turned in front of another car after a traffic stop. After his accident the sheriff restricted him from working alone. Montgomery left Archer County in May to work for Throckmorton County.

Cortez is considering suing the county because the officer made an illegal u-turn.