Address Unknown

Being able to locate the right address is a problem that affects many rural communities. It is an even a bigger problem for law enforcement or first responders who spend crucial time searching for a home.

Archer County Sheriff's Office deputies said the issues happens weekly. An emergency call goes out, and deputies are spending to much time searching for the residence.

Sergeant Simon Dwyer, Criminal Investigations Division, said many residents living in the rural areas do not have their houses clearly marked. The 911 system assigns different home  addresses to the 911 operator.

Sgt. Dwyer said when officers get to that central location, too much time is being spent searching. Those extra minutes spent can mean a life or death situation.

"If it was something involving a child, somebody being hurt, a house being on fire, or somebody having a heart attack, every minute counts," said Sgt. Dwyer.

Usually rural homes will have a P.O. box address and a physical address. The physical address is what law enforcement would like to see posted.

Archer County Sheriff's Office encourages every rural resident to put a clearly marked sign out in front of their driveway. The sign should have your physical address, and/or family name.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6